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Well, well, well - all square at the top

Winter League

Matters at the top of Division 2 have been nip 'n' tuck all season but never any closer than the present with Thorpe Green 'C' and Lindley BC 'B' now locked together on 80 points with 2 matches left to play for both teams. The rules say that teams level on points will be separated by the better 'Aggregate For' total. That gives a one-point (803-802) advantage to Thorpe Green. Next Monday the two teams meet in what surely must be the title decider.

Thorpe Green went into this week's fixtures with a two-point lead which was whittled away as the Lindley BC side beat the Recreation Club 'B' 6-2 whilst Thorpe Green was held to a 4-4 draw by Dalton. That was the second draw between the two teams this season and although that extended Thorpe Green's unbeaten run to 13 matches it wasn't good enough to stop Lindley from getting back in the title picture. Next Monday the two teams play each other in what promises to be a very tense affair.

Elsewhere Springwood 'B' collected their second win of the season by beating Lowerhouses 'B' 6-2 including clinching the aggregate 60-59 in a high scoring match. There was just a single point aggregate difference (55-54) in the other match as well with Rastrick 'B' beating Milnsbridge 'B' 6-2.

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