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We want your team photos

Ladies Works League

Whilst the appeal below is aimed at clubs in the Ladies Works League it applies equally to all our local teams. We delight in sharing those team photos on the website and help build up an album that will be available for years to come. Not just team photos of course because action shots of bowlers on the green are also very welcome. The current generation of bowlers has an obligation to provide a record of the history of our time because if we don't, who will?. Send us your photos

Team Photo

When we started to put together the information for this website, one of the things we looked for were Team Photos, but these seem to be in ever decreasing numbers. It seems that since our local newspaper decided to move to Lancashire and has shown little or no interest in any sport In Huddersfield, apart of course for football, people have stopped taking photographs.

Well it’s time to change that, we want to build up a collection of, not just team photos or competition winners, but events that might be of interest to other bowlers, for example, if one of your players has a 90th birthday, and you have a bit of a do, take a photo, send it to us and we can include it. In fact, we want photos of any event you think might be of interest to other bowlers.

It doesn’t have to be taken by a particular person, anybody can do it, but you must ensure that everybody knows what you intend to do with it and has no objection. Remember that if it should end up on the internet, that is a public place.

One last thing, I can hear the mutterings from those who know me – it’s alright for you Norma, you have always have that fancy camera with you. Well firstly it’s not that fancy (fancy cameras cost thousands) and secondly, I would be willing to place a very large bet on the fact that every single one of you will have a camera in your bag, in your bag because if you step on the green with it In your pocket, you’ve lost the game before you even send a wood. That’s right, I’m talking mobile phones.

So go ahead have a go and then send me an email, with the photograph attached, the email needs to tell me which team, when and where and, if possible identify the players. My email address is

Norma Maxwell

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