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Veterans League delays decision on 2021 season

Veterans League

The Veterans League Management Committee met yesterday and decided to delay any decision on the start date and format of the 2021 season.

They have decided to wait until after the Government's publication of the Road Map due next Monday before finalising arrangements. If an April start is permitted then the League will release their fixture programme in mid-March with a full 26-week season starting on Easter Monday (5 April) and will run a full season as normal.

Should the Road Map not allow that and a May start date is permitted then a 22-week season will be programmed with the 10-Man League split into six smaller sections instead of the current five.

There will be no promotion or relegation in the event of a shortened season with a reversal to the previous format and standings for the 2022 season.

The 6-Man League with smaller sections can be fitted into a 22-week season already.

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Unknown member
Feb 16, 2021

just to put viewers on the right track. 1.the full season will not start on 5th april,that is easter monday. 2. the league structure has not yet been decided on,so splitting the league into 6 sections is incorrect

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