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Veterans KO's - all the dates

Veterans League

The Veterans League are playing their individual and pairs Knock-Out competitions in a different format this year. Each of the 7 such competitions are being staged in turn over a compressed period. The Lower Divisions Trophy was completed in three stages over two weeks and the Over-70's is currently being staged over a 3-week period.

Some of the closing dates have been altered so looking ahead these are all the dates of the remaining four competitions.


Closing Date

Preliminary Rd

KO Rounds

Finals Day

Pairs KO

7 May

11 May

18 May

1 June

Over-70's Pairs

28 May

2 June

22 June

29 June

Over-80's KO

31 July

4 August

​31 August

8 September

Rose Bowl

3 September

7 September

15 September

22 September

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