Update on 2021 League season

Ladies Works League

The second of two official postings today about plans for the Ladies Works League 2021 season.

PLAYING THIS SEASON It seems that great minds do think alike, this weekend we were discussing how we would actually structure and play the league this year. Obviously to play as normal would, almost certainly, result in teams being penalised because of events over which they had no control and that is not what we are about.

This year we do not want to be worrying about competition wins, or league places resulting in promotion or demotion but just enjoying playing again. The result is that we have come to the same conclusion as the Evening League and despite playing as a League, with captains submitting results as normal, come the end of the season, there will be no promotion or demotion. Next year, 2022, the positions at the start of the season, will be exactly as they were at the end of the 2019 season.

We don’t play any team competitions, but we would appreciate your opinions as to whether we should play the Individual or the Pairs, which gives you the right to decide for yourself whether or not you wish to play. At no time will anybody be put under pressure to play and certain rules, such as the Drawback rules will be suspended, allowing clubs to drawback as much as is necessary to ensure that all those wishing to play, do get a game.

It is very much a case of the League will be bowling, join in when you personally feel safe to do so, although at the moment most of our teams have stated that they are ready, willing and able to start. At all times we will play within the rules and advice set out by the sports ruling bodies.

It should be recognised that this decision to go ahead was a 2-1 decision, supported by myself and Hazel. Andrea was opposed to the decision as she feels very strongly that playing any sort of league is putting players lives at risk, by putting pressure on them to play and that she would not want it on her conscience if a player were to become ill. Norma Maxwell 10th March 2021

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