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Two-Green Quiz answer

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

Bowling Quiz

I gave you all 48 hours to identify the green in this recent photograph in a two-part quiz. The second part being to identify which green the photographer was stood on when he took this photo. Well Bob Haigh is the photographer and he was stood on the green at Springwood when he took this photo of the Dalton green and clubhouse which was, and still is, some distance away. You should be able to recognise the Dalton clubhouse which is to the right of the white Cricket Club pavilion in the centre of the photo.

Well done to Michael Thornton, David Turner, David Catherine and Barry Tinker who all got it right eventually although two of those needed a second guess to add the source green. There was another four who identified Dalton as the green featured in the photo but couldn't name the source green and there was a lot more of you that couldn't identify either but thanks for trying and taking part.

Maybe you can see another green from your home green. If you can get the telephoto lens out and take a snap and let me have it to tease even more of you. Thanks go to Bob Haigh for coming up with this tester.

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