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'Track & Trace or else' clubs warned

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The message from the Yorkshire CCGBA is a very clear warning to all clubs and leagues - comply with the law or face closure.

Kirklees is one of a handful of districts nationally that have been identified for special attention. Infection rates are high and continue to rise. Guidance has been given about minimising travel into and out of the area. Speculation continues to mount that the 21 June date for Step 4 may be put back 2 weeks. An announcement on this is expected next Monday (14th). All these factors make it imperative that we all follow the rules or expect stronger sanctions.

Clubs that are ignoring the Track & Trace rules are especially likely to receive special attention from the law enforcers. Even if your green is being used as a neutral green that still becomes the responsibility of the host club, not the visiting teams. It is the host club that will be closed down jeopardising all the good work done over many months by conscientious clubmen. All clubs are responsible for recording who visits their premises or greens and their contact details at any time and retaining those records for 21 days.

Similarly clubs that continue to serve alcohol whilst not adhering to the 'table service' rules are in danger of being closed down. For the sake of your customers and members make sure that your club doesn't get shut down, follow the rules and keep everyone safer.

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