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Top Fantasy League selections

Well Bowled Fantasy League

Now the entry deadline has passed we can get an idea of which teams are your favourites for promotion and relegation in every division and more importantly can gauge their chances of claiming points to add to your Fantasy League totals.

We list all 8 divisions that supply teams for the Fantasy League and put them in the order of popularity and numbers added to the Fantasy League teams.

The Top Teams from each division along with their votes are: 10-MAN LEAGUE

Division 1 - Golcar Lib - 44

Division 2 - Lindley Lib A - 24

Division 3 - Elland WMC - 23

Division 4 - Marsh Lib - 36

Division 5 - David Brown Sports - 29


Division 1 - Marsh United A - 49

Division 2 - Bradley & Colne - 29

Division 3 - Thongsbridge B - 34

The most popular vote across all the divisions is in Division 1 of the 6-Man League where Marsh United A have an enormously overwhelming vote of confidence to retain their title. The 2023 title winners, Shepley A, are the only other team to hit double figures in that division.

The tightest race according to our Fantasy League pundits is in Division 2 of the 10-Man League where just one point keeps Lindley Lib A ahead of Meltham.

Two of the new teams to the Leagues have received huge boosts, or a huge burden depending on your viewpoint, as Elland WMC are favourites for the 10-Man Division 3 title along with Bradley & Colne new to Division 2 in the 6-Man League.

Golcar Lib A are firm favourites to retain the 10-Man Division 1 title but one surprise ommision from the totals is Waterloo who finished third in the 2023 table but have not received a single vote of confidence from any of the 83 entries in the competition.

However your team selections perform it will all be captured here on HuddWeb and look out for the first transfer window when you get the opportunity to ditch up to three of your underperforming teams before they do any more damage to your hopes of winning that £100 first prize. The full list of the number of votes cast in favour of all 101 teams in the League are shown below.

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