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Updated: Feb 12, 2022

Winter League

This first completed season of the Winter League will include recognition of individual performances by awarding trophies to the Top Bowler in each division. That means the bowler with the best record of their combined totals from all the Singles and Pairs matches they have played over the season.

The criteria for determining the best record is

a) Most wins

b) Best Average

The Division 1 competition will be the first to be completed as the 16-match season ends this week. With that one match to go Adrian 'Crafty' Cooper of Kirkheaton Cons is well-positioned to take the new Founders' Trophy. He will be clear in first place if he wins his final match which will be against a Rastrick 'A' opponent. Should he slip up then either Lorraine Hirst of New Millers or Graham Hirst of Lower Hopton are both well placed to take over at the top.

TOP AVERAGES Based on Singles & Pairs combined records.

Criteria being a) Most Wins b) Best Averages

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be focusing on the other two divisions as they approach their final week but for now, we turn to review the team and individual results from last week's fixture programme.

It has been a week of close encounters with half of the 12 matches played having four points or less difference in the aggregate totals. There were three 4-4 draws during the week, one in each division and hardly any stand-out individual or singles performances to record either. All the ones that are worth mentioning are logged below.

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