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Top 20 Bowlers at Christmas

Winter League

The Winter League presents awards to bowlers who top their individual Division Averages at the end of the season. The winner is the bowler with the best Singles & Pairs Combined score. The order is explained in the League Rules under Match Play Rule 13 which says:

Top bowler averages will be determined by most games won and then by the best average score. Singles and Pairs totals will be combined. Bowlers must have played 60% of their team's matches to qualify.

With a number of teams rotating bowlers between Singles and Pairs games this is the only fair way of determining the running order to include every game played. The decision to use 'Most games won' before 'Averages' was agreed at the 2021 AGM after using just the averages in the opening season of the League.

The trophies that will be awarded at the end of this season for the Top Bowlers in each Division are:

Division 1 - Founders Trophy

Division 2 - Lily Rose Trophy (donated by Peter Swinden) Division 3 - Treasurers Trophy (donated by Bob Haigh)

Division 4 - Tony Booth Memorial Cup (donated by Michelle Booth)

Division 5 - Dave Horsfall Memorial Cup (donated by the Horsfall/Parr Family)

Your Christmas No.1 this year is Martin Holt of Lindley Liberal. You can check out the standings at any time on our Bowsnet pages.

  1. Go to Bowlsnet

  2. Click on AVERAGES from the top border menu

  3. Click on SINGLES

  4. Click on ALL GAME TYPES

  5. The default is that it will display the Top 20 Combined scores but you can adjust this to show more (50 or 100) by clicking on

6. Click on OPTIONS and then from the dropdown menu headed 'Show Top 20 players per division' select the number you want to display (50 or 100).

Tomorrow we will have a look at the Top Singles Bowlers in each Division following on with the Top Pairs Bowlers but for today here are the current standings in each of the five divisions with the Combined Singles & Pairs scores which is the only one with trophies at stake:

Positions based on (1) Number of games won and (2) Averages

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