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Title decider in Division 4

Winter League

Preview of the Divisions 3 & 4 fixtures to be played on Monday 12 February

With the seeming inevitability of the Division 3 title and promotion races unless something unexpected happens this Monday then focus turns to the title race in Division 4 as Thorpe Green C and New Mill B go head-to-head with a top two clash this week. Two points separate the teams with Monday's meeting a crucial moment in the race for the Division 4 title. Only Thorpe Green C can win it this week and will need an 8-0 win to complete the task otherwise we stroll on for another week of high drama.

Apart from Monday's clash the two contenders both have one match left to play and that is against the same team - relegation-threatened Almondbury BC A. The way that the fixtures have panned out the New Mill B side will know exactly what they need from the last day of the season to stop Thorpe Green winning a second successive title after collecting the Division 5 top award last season.

All this concentration at the top end of the table detracts from the Almondbury BC A fight to stay in the Division. They still have to look forward to playing the top two teams to complete their season but before then have to face their relegation rivals, Kirkheaton C&BC, this Monday. Both teams have three fixtures to play but both know that Monday's confrontation could determine the outcome of their season-long battle to stay in this division.

The Kirkheaton side have an easier run-in (on paper) than their Almondbury rivals to complete their season with matches against Milnsbridge C and already relegated Springwood B. Of the other matches only Lindley Lib C will harbour any great expectations as a big win over bottom of the table Springwood could keep their promotion hopes alive but that will still depend on New Mill B losing heavily against Thorpe Green as well.


Thorpe Green C (14 games 74 pts)

New Mill B (14 games 72 pts)

Monday 12 February

New Mill B

Thorpe Green C

Monday 19 February

Almondbury BC A


Monday 26 February


Almondbury BC A

A big Division 3 win for Marsh United coupled with defeat for Milnsbridge C against Lowerhouses B would confirm promotion for the Marsh side with any other result only delaying the inevitable. Hanging Heaton are unlikely to formally take the Division 3 title this week but again that only looks like a formality to be addressed shortly.

Things at the foot of the table make it look like a only matter of time before drawing to its inevitable conclusion as well with Paddock I&C and Primrose Hill Lib firmly rooted in the two relegation places. Primrose Hill Lib have a bye week this Monday but will expect to still be above Paddock after this round of matches as they are 7 points ahead of their rivals who play Lindley Lib B who have collected 10 points from their last two fixtures.

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