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The top 4 most popular Fantasy League transfers

Well Bowled Fantasy League

A total of 82 transfers from 39 entrants have been made over the two Transfer Windows to date. That means that almost half of the 82 entrants have decided to change their selections. Of those, 15 have completed all three of their permitted transfers for the season so will have to run with what they have for the rest of the competition.

The most popular new teams transferred in over the two Transfer Windows are: 14 Netherton Con B - 10man Division 5

13 Lowerhouses - 10man Division 1

13 Clayton West - 6man Division 2 10 Brockholes B - 6man Division 3

It is worth noting that our current table leader, Mike Ralph, has only made one transfer to date so has something in reserve for when the going gets tough.

The table below shows all the completed transfers in the first two Transfer Windows. Yellow ones are those completed in the May window and the Green ones are those made in the June window just ended. The blanks show the remaining transfers for each entrant.

That also means that 45 entrants still have a full set of 3 transfers available to them.

You may need to use your device's zoom facility to read all the details. If any entrant finds an error in their transfers please get in touch straight away.

We will be reporting shortly on the first updated table to include the impact that the latest set of transfers has made to each entrant's standing. Good Luck to you all.

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