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The times they are a-changing

Ladies Works League

Review of results 24-28 May

Maybe it is the sunshine, or the feel of a well-cultured green underfoot or maybe I am just getting older but things appear to be changing in so many ways even in that bastion of orderliness the pecking order of the Ladies Works League.

Now I admit that I haven't been a great follower of league affairs over the years but with this new role I am learning all about the history and rivalry that exists in the league and a quick look back at the record books comparing with today's shows that times are certainly a-changing.

Alicia Dawn Photography were the Division 1 Champions for 4 consecutive years, 2015 to 2018. Then were runners-up last season (2019) but only lost one match all year which was a better win rate than Atkinsons Butchers who won the title. Now fast-forward to 2021 and after 3 matches into the new season Alicia Dawn sit in 3rd place in the table having lost 2 of their 3 fixtures - an unheard-of experience! Is this just a blip or does it signal the end of an era? After losing to Atkinson Butchers they were looking to redeem themselves when going to play Brook Hansen 'A' last week and a wounded woman can be a dangerous opponent (yes they can!). However the home side were up to the task when winning 6 of the 8 games and an impressive 151-123 victory. Are Brook Hansen emerging as the biggest threat to the current Champions or will Alicia Dawn regroup and come back all-guns blazing? Time will tell.

Elsewhere Atkinsons continued on their way with a third straight win when overcoming Huddersfield Recreation Club 164-90 and confirming their hold on top spot but Brook Hansen also have a 3-0 win record so setting up the July confrontation between the teams as a potential title-decider. The other Division 1 match last week was the closest affair as PEG Perego won 5 of the 8 rubbers but lost out on aggregate 127-130 to Bolster Moor Farm Shop who were winning for the first time this season. Thank you to Norma Maxwell for some photos of this match which are further down this page.

In Division 2 Paul's Kitchens did their bid for an immediate return to the top flight no harm at all when beating leaders D Haigh & Co 140-33 on their own lawn and moving quietly into 3rd place with a game in hand over the two teams above them. Pearce Displays also collected their first win of the season with a 141-103 win at home over the winless Colne Valley Garden Centre and a trio of big wins 21-2, 21-3 and 21-4.

It was a good week for the Brook Hansen teams as the B side also won last week with a 150-112 win over the new girls from personalise HR who were playing their 2nd of 5 scheduled away matches in their first 6 games this season. That is a tough introduction and they are likely to be a much tougher opponent once they get on their own green. They will have worse days than collecting 3 game wins from 8 on an away trip so can face the future with a degree of optimism.

The teams can have a rest with a blank week of fixtures this week and time to reflect on how things are going and in the words of the Bob Dylan classic ...

The line it is drawn the curse it is cast

The slow one now will later be fast

As the present now will later be past

The order is rapidly fading

And the first one now will later be last

For the times they are a-changing

We have some action shots from last Friday's encounter between PEG Perigo and Bolster Moor Farm Shop thanks to Norma Maxwell. Send us your match or team photos.

HuddWeb is now providing weekly postings covering the Matchday Preview and Results Round-Up for 6 local bowling leagues - the Huddersfield Saturday League, Mirfield League, Ladies Works League, Veterans 10-Man League, Veterans 6-Man League and the Huddersfield Winter League. Trying to fill the gap left by The Examiner.


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