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The Sunday Statistic is 201

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Winter League

Team news this week of interest to our bowling statisticians is that 2 of the 3 teams that hadn't won a match this season, did so this week. Huddersfield Recreation Club 'A' beat Jackson Bridge 8-0 in Division 2 and Springwood 'B' overcame their Division 3 opponents from Huddersfield Recreation Club 'B' 6-2. As a result both of these first-time winners moved off the foot of their respective divisions. Onwards and upwards from here!! That leaves one team, Rastrick 'A' from Division 1, with the unenvious record of being the only team still to win a match this season.

Two bowlers making their debuts for their teams this week made Winter League history. Derek Crawley (Lowerhouses 'B') and Angela Fowler (Paddock I&C) became the 200th and 201st bowlers to play in the League this season. With 24 of the 27 teams in the league bowling with 4 bowlers each week means there are 96 bowlers playing every week and the winter bowling experience has now been shared amongst those 201 different individuals so far.

A new table for you to mull over. The number of Male and Female bowlers registered per team and how many of each have played for their teams this season? All the answers below.

In total we have 270 bowlers registered with our 27 teams.

Of those 199 are male and 71 are female.

In total we have exactly 201 bowlers that have played at least one match this season.

Of those 149 are male and 52 are female.

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05 dic 2021

Next analysis is the number of bowlers in relation to their position in the Division .

Or there a correlation between the number of bowlers registered and their positions in the League.

Now, there’s a job for you , Jeff!!

Me gusta
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