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You may have noted a new arrival on the home page of HuddWeb with the introduction of a new Calendar feature. This Calendar lists in date order all the bowling events that we are aware of with links to further information about each of them.

These events can be club-based, League or County or National competitions, news and happenings. Basic information is provided on the home page Calendar with a drop down facility for further information and a link to a full report on that planned event.

This will provide a chronological record of all bowling related events to satisfy the most ardent followers of our sport. Never get caught out again by missing out on attending such events purely because you 'didn't know about them' or had 'forgotten that they were being held yesterday'.

There is a facility on the dropdown menu item of 'Show More' to add, with one-click, the event to your own online Calendar if you use any one of the four most popular personal calendars - Google, Yahoo, MSOutlook or iCalendar.

Although only the seven newest events coming up are listed on the home page you can flip forward to up to 100 other scheduled events by using the arrows < > in the Bowling Calendar heading. We intend keeping older event records in the Calendar for just 7 days after the event but future ones can be many months in advance. Have a trip through all those currently held in the Calendar and help us keep this record complete by adding your own event so that maximises the publicity about it.

You can add your club or League event to the Calendar by getting in touch and telling us about your event by completing the form below now. No charge, it is all part of the service to help promote bowling in the Huddersfield area.

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