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Talking of 9-0 wins & defeats ....

Veterans League

With two 9-0 scorelines in Division 1 of the Veterans 10-Man League this week I don't wish to labour the topic too much (well maybe just a little) but it got me thinking. Looking back through the Bowlsnet records for the date that Lockwood Con last suffered a 0-9 reversal and not finding one I wondered if that was the longest record ever.

I decided to scroll through the Bowlsnet records again to tease out the dates of the last match won and lost by the 9-0 scoreline by the current 12 teams in Division 1. Well the Euro2024 football doesn't start until tonight, its raining so I am just passing a bit of time. A wise old man I used to work with would deride that statement saying you don't need to do anything to pass time, as time would have passed anyway.

Lockwood Con may have held the record for not losing 0-9 prior to this week or it might have been Clayton West. The Bowlsnet records only go back to 2014 and both teams had no 0-9 reversals against them over that time. So that makes Clayton West now the current record holders of the longest run of not being beaten 0-9 which is an unknown date sometime before 2014.

I was tempted to compile all the records for all five divisions but with promotions and relegations it means that a reduced number of teams retain their divisional status each year and devalues the flow of such records.

All the information is contained within the Bowlsnet pages and if someone cared to have a shot of compiling the records for one or more of the other divisions then I would be pleased to post them on the website. It is quite straightforward to do. Go to Tables then click on each team in turn and this brings up their record for the season. Click on the Year in the bottom right-hand corner to move backwards.

All the Division 1 records are listed below in date order. Where teams have spent time in Division 2 and been involved in 9-0 scorelines I have included these in the table below. Make of them what you will.

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