Survey2 Results (Part 2)

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Continuing our analysis of the 134 responses to our Return to Bowling Survey2 we make the comparisons to the answers to Survey1 completed on 5 February to see how people have moved on and how their thinking about the present situation is developing.

The total number of entries from both surveys is an encouraging 130+. Both surveys being heavily biased towards the older element as illustrated in the chart below.

The age range question gives a clue as to the fact that the Veterans League is the best-represented league from our responders.

Over the 3 weeks since Survey1 was completed there has been a movement among those prepared to start bowling immediately. That has gone up from 35% to 50% in that period and appears to have taken votes from the 'receiving the first vaccine' supporters. This may have something to do with the fact that many will now have received their first vaccine. The thinking beyond these two areas stays fairly consistent.

We can't do any comparisons of Question 4 as it changed between the surveys.

Survey2 Report (Part 3) Tomorrow we share all the free-text comments provided by 88 of the respondents to the question 'What concerns you about returning to bowling in 2021?'

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