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Sub-Team KO Final on Thursday

Veterans League

The Veterans League Sub-Team KO Final takes place this Thursday at Broad Oak with two former winners of the title lining up against each other.

Huddersfield Recreation Club and Outlane have both won this title once before. Outlane in 2016 and the Recreation Club in 2021 although they also won it twice under one of their former guises as Zeneca. Both teams are in Division 3 with Outlane comfortably in mid-table after their promotion last season.

The Recreation Club are still very much in danger of being relegated with just two matches left to be played. They have to play Lockwood Con 'B' home and away with the overall loser in real danger of being relegated. However, for one day they can forget about their league problems and wallow in a cup final appearance and the chance of a slice of glory.

Road to the Final

Preliminary Round Outlane 142-111 Kirkheaton Con B

Recreation Club 133-122 David Brown Sports

Round 1 Outlane 147-106 Meltham B Recreation Club 140-113 Springwood

Quarter-Finals Outlane 146-105 Lindley Lib B

Recreation Club 148-124 Thongsbridge B

Semi-Finals Outlane 139-120 New Mill B

Recreation Club 152-126 Broad Oak B

Final Outlane (+5) v Recreation Club (+5)

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