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Shepley 6-Man Champions

Club News

We are pleased to include a new club photograph of the Shepley squad that won the Veterans 6-Man League Championship this year showing off their trophy. That win completed a three-year sequence of coming 2nd, 3rd and now 1st in the Section A table. Congratulations to them.

Send us your team photos, even if you didn't win anything this year. It is still a piece of your club's and the League's history. Or maybe you are having your club's presentation night very soon and a couple of photos of the winners from there would also be most welcome.

I am grateful to David Erving for sending me this photograph of the Shepley 'A' team squad that won the 2021 Veterans 6-Man League Section A Championship.

Left to Right (back row): D Erving, K Hann, H Crowther, G Ryder, W Hartley

(front row) M Beacroft, J Brook, M Hirst (Capt), D Holmes, N Johnston

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