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Sexy Sunday Statistics

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Winter League

Statistics are not everyone's cup of tea but for the dedicated bowler with time to spare they can be interesting. I'm not sure that they can be called 'Sexy' but I thought I would use that ruse in the title to attract the younger element of our site visitors. Did it work? Well you've got this far haven't you so you may as well continue reading as I tease out more facts from Bowlsnet on the Winter League season so far.

So as well as seeking out interesting facts and sequences it also means ditching and ignoring boring facts like that Lower Hopton remain the only unbeaten team in Division 1. Bugger I've said it now!

But more interestingly there are two other unbeaten teams in the League and both compete in Division 2 with Springwood 'A' and Meltham sitting pretty at the top of the table. Springwood have matched Lower Hopton's record of 3 consecutive 8-0 whitewash wins so will be looking to go solo on that stat in this week's encounter with Jackson Bridge. There were also two other unbeaten teams until this Thursday when Rastrick 'B' and Lindley BC 'B' both lost those Division 3 records.

We recently touched on the teams that were providing game-time for many of their bowlers by rotating team selection rather than turning out their best bowlers every week. That includes Springwood 'B' who will not be too down-hearted about losing all their 3 matches to date as their well-stated objective has been to introduce as many club bowlers to winter bowling as possible. They are certainly doing that with 12 different bowlers already representing their team in their first four matches, that is 4 more than any other team in any of the three divisions. Following up on that to identify which teams have used the most and least bowlers so far this season and does one approach lead to a more successful team or not?

The table below indicates the number of bowlers used by each team and the average number of games for each bowler. This record also shows the current league position of each team to show whether there are any obvious pointers to which is the most successful system. Some teams will judge being 'successful' by the number of bowlers involved rather than their league position as they set out to involve as many club members as possible. For example take Kirkheaton Con in Division 1. Five different bowlers have played in their 5 matches to date which means that on average each of their bowlers has bowled four times. Whereas in Division 2 Meltham have used the same 4 bowlers in their 3 matches to date, the only team to remain unchanged for all their games in any devision.

Interestingly the three current leaders of the divisions are not the teams to have altered their team selections the least. More Sexy Statistics next Sunday.

Averages are calculated by multiplying the number of games by 4 (players in

a team), then dividing by the number of bowlers that have played.

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Nov 07, 2021

As someone who enjoys studying statistics in order to draw logical conclusions, I conclude that ,based on the small sample of games, there are no obvious conclusions - unless , of course, someone thinks differently!!


philip of Lindley

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