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Part 1 of 5: Saturday breakaway league 1983

Don't get carried away by the headline as this is not a new initiative but one that was mooted in 1983. A number of teams were unhappy with the running of the Huddersfield Saturday League for various reasons and Outlane took the lead in moving to form a breakaway group of teams to drop their affiliation to the Yorkshire CCGBA by starting a new Saturday League.

The story of how this move was instigated and how the Saturday League reacted to a proposal that could have changed the bowling landscape in Huddersfield forever is told through the pages of past issues of The Examiner and retold here over the next 5 days.

The first Examiner report on this episode from Peter Muff is dated 13 July 1983 and indicated that Outlane were leading a move to start a new Saturday League where matches were to be played on a Home & Away basis. This being a direct challenge to the Huddersfield Saturday League. This change could only be realised if clubs broke away from Yorkshire CCGBA affiliated competitions and formed a new League altogether. Peter Muff takes up the story in Part 1 of 5 today.

TOMORROW: Part 2 will be online tomorrow and this tells of the Huddersfield League's reaction to the threat of a breakaway league.

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