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Rosebowl Last 31 on Thursday

Veterans League

An AMBER weather warning has been issued for the day of this competition and the start time has been brought forward to 1.00pm to allow more drink breaks to take place. Bowlers should dress sensibly for the day, hats should be worn and sun cream applied. Bring plenty of drinking water and/or soft drinks. Take care.

There are 31 entries (down on last year's 34) for the 2023 Rose Bowl including the defending Champion, Ian Briggs of Longwood, along with four other previous winners of the title in Mick McClusky (2018), Frank Griffin (2015, 2006), Graham Brook (2011, 2013) and Frank Greenwood (2003, 2004).

The Round of the Last 31 takes place on two greens from 1.00pm on Thursday at Almondbury Lib and Springwood and the split is listed below. This is not the draw which will be made at the green on Thursday.

At Almondbury Lib

1 Paul Rushworth (6) Broad Oak

2 John Burnett (scr) Cowcliffe

3 Frank Greenwood (2) Golcar Lib

4 Garry Senior (scr) Kirkheaton Con

5 Adrian Cooper (2) Kirkheaton Con

6 Barry Tinker (2) Longwood

7 Graham Hirst (scr) Lowerhouses

8 Andy Carter (1) Marsh United

9 Allen Chapman (2) Meltham

10 Barry Gibson (scr) Meltham

11 David Peacock (6) Milnsbridge B

12 Stuart Greaves (3) New Mill

13 David Jones (5) Primrose Hill Lib

14 Roger Stopford (scr) Rastrick

15 Steve Lunn (2) Waterloo

16 Frank Griffin (1) Waterloo

At Springwood BC

17 Tim Poulter (scr) Clayon West

18 Derek Frost (4) Crosland Moor

19 Ray Whitwham (scr) Golcar Lib

20 Andrew Wike (scr) Hudd Rec

21 Tony Butterfield (scr) Kirkheaton Con

22 David Walkden (2) Longwood

23 Ian Briggs (scr) Longwood

24 Les Holmes (scr) Lowerhouses

25 Baldwin Walsh (2) Meltham

26 Paul Rangeley (2) Meltham

27 G Brook (3) Netherton Con

28 Tommy Broadbent (8) Primrose Hill Lib

29 Thomas Chatfield (4) Slaithwaite

30 Mick McCluskey (2) Waterloo

31 Roger Lunn (2) Waterloo

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