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Veterans League

Last year Longwood lifted the Bistro Shield by beating Brockholes A by 104-99 in the final at Almondbury BC. That was a first-ever win of this competition for the Longwood team which is being contested for the 42nd time this year. It was originally called the 'Johnny's Nite Spot' competition after its previous sponsor when the winning team won a meal at the sponsor's venue at the Huddersfield Hotel. The name change retains the Johnny's Bistro connection but no longer features a free meal for the winners.

The fomat does remain unchanged though with five pairs playing for the biggest aggregate total to progress. In the event of the aggregates being equal then the team with the most winners will move on to the next round.

All teams in the Veterans 10-Man League are automatically entered into the competition and the winners will have played five rounds of matches just to reach the final. The Longwood team begins the defence of their title against Division 2 team Milnsbridge A at Hemplow.

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Started in 1979 with local celeb, Ceddie Beaumont of Slawit bringing the Marsdens on board as sponsor and it was called the Rosemary Lane Bistro Handicap from 79 to 94

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Initial article was wrong I sourced, started in 82 as records show

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