Return to Bowling: Where is the BCGBA guidance?

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The Prime Minister announced on 22 February the Road Map to normality which indicated that outdoor sports including bowling could resume with organised competitions from 29 March. We all expected that to be followed up by specific guidance from our ruling body as the PM indicated. Here we are 10 days later still no wiser and no timetable made public about when further information will be made available.

What we need to know before bowling can resume.

  1. Will clubhouses and toilets be allowed to open from 29 March?

  2. What are the numbers allowed on a green at any one time?

  3. How many people can congregate at one venue?

  4. Is a Risk Assessment to be undertaken and approved prior to greens being reopened?

  5. Are the county associations geared up to support clubs through this phase?

On 22 February the BCGBA added the only notification on this matter to their website which included this sentence -

Today’s roadmap for the easing of lockdown restrictions enables BCGBA, counties and affiliated clubs to prepare with confidence for the 2021 outdoor season.

It went on to ask for patience whilst they worked through all the implications of reopening. Is it too much to ask for a timetable when further information and guidance will become available? Since then nothing. Maybe we could prepare with confidence if we knew what we were supposed to be doing! Surely they are working to some kind of timetable which they could share with us. Hardly a dynamic response from our ruling organisation and 10 days wasted for clubs with work to do before they can apply to reopen. Communications are key in keeping everyone involved and the BCGBA just aren't very good at that.

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