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'Return to Bowling' survey feedback

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The total number of responses to the survey at 9.15am Friday has now gone up to 131 a really excellent response illustrating how important this topic is to all bowlers. The survey has now been closed with a full report on the findings next week. Meanwhile here are another few snippets from the responses received.

Survey Feedback

The age breakdown of the responders is of interest with the most responses coming from the 70-79 age bracket and 89% of the votes received to date coming from people aged 60 or over. As to when bowlers think they will be allowed back on the green the most popular response is early May winning 38% of all the votes and twice the number of any other answer.

You were given the option to include a written response to the question - 'What concerns you about returning to bowling 2021?'. No less than 86 of you added a comment here and below we give you an early sample of what people are saying so far.

  • Will other bowlers be safe? Veterans probably safe if vaccinated but what about open leagues with younger bowlers? Want to bowl but after all this why take the risk. Maybe have vaccinated leagues and non vaccinated ???????

  • Really don't think much competitive bowling will happen in 2021

  • Shared cars

  • I am worried about putting my own and my teams health at risk.

  • Each week there will be the unknown of whether we are able to play or not if members of our team or our opponents are self-isolating.

  • Travel to games could be a problem as many depend on lifts from others but then difficult to maintain social distancing.

  • That not all bowlers & clubs will adhere to the rules/guidelines

  • As long as we can maintain social distancing around the green. No problem.

  • No major concerns by the beginning of May.

  • With Covid measures in place it is likely that the risk of catching it is much less likely. Particularly for veterans who will definitely all have been vaccinated by then and probably much earlier.

  • It may still have an impact on people with underlying conditions but the exercise and mental well being far outweigh the risk for most people.

  • Hope the weather warms up

  • I do not consider myself to be vulnerable and am loathe to take a back seat in life. Bowling and all that goes with it has an enormous effect on our physical, social and mental wellbeing, this is proven to be the case in all available worldwide research.

  • That the vaccine does not work and catching it from someone that has not had the vaccine

  • I am not concerned if guidelines are followed by all

  • Not everyone is prepared to have the vaccine and I worry about catching covid from one of those people.

  • I think that all clubs should follow the examples set by Springwood and Milnsbridge in ensuring the Government Protocols re distance, sanitisation of equipment etc and maximum of 30 people are followed.

The Survey has now been closed and a full report on the findings will be online next week.

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Karen Rausse
Karen Rausse
Feb 05, 2021

That's a brilliant response 🤞🤞🤞we can all get back to the sport we love soon

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