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'Return to Bowling' Milestone Day

Bowling News

When the Government first announced the Road Map to normality it explained that there was a four-step process that would be followed, albeit that Step 1 would be in 2 parts. Those 4 Steps being:

March 8 Step 1 (Part 1)

March 29 Step 1 (Part 2)

April 12 Step 2

May 17 Step 3

June 21 Step 4

It indicated that there would be 5 weeks between the Steps. The reason for that being that 4 weeks would be used to monitor that the previous Step hadn't increased the infection rates, hospital admissions and deaths. That left 1 week to enable people to prepare for the impact of the next Step.

Step 1 Part 1 has been completed which primarily involved schools and colleges being reopened. If we are to get that 1 week notice before the March 29 milestone then that should result in an announcement today.

This is important for bowling as our sport is included in the outdoor sports category which has been listed as reopening from March 29. Therefore we are hoping for confirmation of that today. Regardless of all that a number of clubs have already informed their members about reopening plans including some that will open their greens next Monday (29 March). We start to list those club plans later today. Here is a reminder of the main changes that the March 29 Step 1 Part 2 trigger date could bring.

MARCH 29 Step 1 Part 2

The outdoor socialising rules change in the second section of reopening. From Mar 29, six people from six different households are allowed to meet outside, meaning the so-called ‘rule of six’ returns. Alternatively, two households can meet outside. This means two families, who potentially together total more than six people, will be allowed to meet. This can happen in both outdoor public spaces and in back gardens.

The 'stay at home' guidance will be dropped. There will also be a significant loosening in how far people can travel to see someone outside. While people will still be encouraged to minimise travel, there will not be punishments for someone who drives a few hours for a meet-up outside, then returns that day.

Outdoor organised sports for both adults and children will also return. This is for both socially distanced sports like golf and tennis and team sports like football, so Sunday league and five-a-side will return.

Indoor sports will still be off-limits. Also the sports must be organised, so a large group of people cannot gather to kick around a football if it breaks the number limits explained above.

Let's hope that we get some positive news today to enable clubs to prepare to reopen their greens and let bowlers back into action. Later today - the first clubs to announce their reopening dates.

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Karen Rausse
Karen Rausse
Mar 22, 2021

Thanks for the updates

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