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Remembering Nina Thwaite hits a snag

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Lady bowlers from Springwood and Paddock I&C came together last year to play a tribute match between the two clubs in memory of Nina Thwaite who had played for both clubs over a long period of time. The clubs intend doing the same this year and urgently need to make contact with Nina's daughter, Dawn, to progress plans for the day. If anyone reading this posting knows where Dawn can be contacted then can we ask that this information is passed on to her. Can she please contact Helen Lambert of Springwood BC on 07748 261 863.

Nina had connections with both clubs and was very well known in local bowling circles. Nina passed away on 23 July last year after first being taken ill during a match when she was playing for Springwood. At that time she was the first Springwood lady bowler to play in the new mixed-gender team that had entered the Brighouse Veterans League. She never bowled again after that incident.

Nina had strong connections with both clubs and represented both in different leagues over a long period of time. A real stalwart of Huddersfield ladies bowling competitions and a member of the Huddersfield Ladies Inter-District team that won the Yorkshire title for six consecutive years (2003-2008).

The tribute match took the form of competition between pairs of bowlers representing both clubs with Paddock I&C coming out on top and being presented with the Joel Thwaite Trophy. Joel Thwaite being Nina's father-in-law and the father of her husband, Frank, who died in 2015. Frank was a former President of Springwood BC and turned his hand to most things in the club over a prolonged period often with Nina by his side.

The trophy was originally donated in 1991 to be awarded for a veterans bowling competition but had laid dormant for a few years until being called back into action to provide a focus for this match. Nina's daughter, Dawn, presented the trophy to the winning team.

The match was played at Springwood and it is intended that it will become an annual match to be played on alternate greens with Paddock acting as hosts this year. Lst year the event was blessed with good weather and a good turnout and a raffle along with donations realising a total of £190 to go to Kirkwood Hospice.

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