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Champion-of-Champions progress chart

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Dave Parkin has been producing his colourful record of all the qualifying competitions that lead to the end-of-season BCGBA Champion-of-Champions competition. This is reproduced in total below but first Dave provides a pre-amble explaining the the process he has gone through to ascertain this level of information. Updates are promised right through the season under the banner he has named as the Race to Owley Wood


by Dave Parkin

There may be a new broom at BCGBA HQ but it doesn’t take a medal to ascertain that there are still 17 old heads and 14 old handles there.


Most communication is still via a newsletter & in the latest version, they announced the qualification competitions for the season ending Champion of Champions event that after a two year dalliance with Monk Sports, they now are going to use Owley Wood in Northwich.


Below, I have added the dates these qualifying events take place after a quick internet search (Had to ask for help for 3 County merits).


As you can see, defending champion, GREG SMITH was first to book his place last autumn by winning the George Masters and quickly out of the blocks this spring was CALLUM WRAIGHT who has already double-qualified so brought the reserve list down to 12.


The first of 16 County merit winners was decided on Sunday with my sources revealing ZACH WALKER sealing his place by beating Barry Lowden in the final.


We also know one reserve & CONOR CHAMBERLAIN from Derbyshire will be hoping the BCGBA have to go deep into the reserve list like they did last year after securing the West Brom Open title last month.


There was a competition at Owley Wood last weekend which was won by Reece Farr who beat Gareth Coates in the final & these two players will be hoping to return in September as they played in the 2023 version.


Every month, I will update the table below as we add more players to the Race to Owley Wood.  


I will endeavour to do the same for the Ladies version but if the Men’s game has communication issues, the Ladies information is even harder to find.

Dave Parkin

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