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Press reports on outdoors sports priority

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The Times and other newspapers are today reporting that plans are being made for the early release from lockdown of outdoor sports such as golf and tennis which have always been coupled with crown green bowling in previous planned lockdown and tier restrictions.

Government sources told the Times that there were “tentative” plans to prioritise outdoor activities such as golf and tennis and limited social gatherings outside, for the first phase after the reopening of schools after lockdown. The first phase is expected to start on 8 March with all schools reopening for all students.

British officials are also said to have started working on a “vaccine passport” that would allow people to travel for a holiday this summer. The Foreign Office Department for Transport and Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) are working on a certification system that would demand travellers prove they have been inoculated against Covid-19 as a condition of entry, reports the Times.

Suddenly the chances of an early return to action have improved but we are likely to have to wait until the 22 February release of the Road Map for confirmation.

The report says

Outdoor sport and socialising are set to be among the first activities to be allowed after schools return next month, The Times has learnt.

Boris Johnson’s plans for a release from lockdown in the spring will prioritise open-air contact and set out dates for the opening of retail and then hospitality after pupils return to classrooms.

Outdoor activity is likely to be permitted first in each phase. Team and individual sports such as golf and tennis, along with limited social gatherings outside, would therefore be possible within weeks of a planned return of schools from March 8.

Outside markets are likely to be allowed to open before high street shops, and al-fresco dining before eating indoors. Government sources said that the plans were “tentative."

In the light of this development I have decided to close the 'Return to Bowling' survey immediately. This will enable a constant picture of the current thinking of bowlers to emerge from the answers. I will be reopening the survey shortly after the 22 February release of the Road Map to once again gauge bowler's reaction to that guidance and see if it has changed their thinking at all on the questions posed in the survey.

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