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Poll - all the Comments so far

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Voting goes well so far on the Poll about 2021 membership fees and whether it is right that organisations are already asking for payment for next year when there is a danger that we may not be bowling again next year.

You can cast your vote and add your own comments by visiting the Poll or alternatively just add your own Comments at the foot of this posting. These are the comments submitted along with votes so far:

  • It's just greed by the govern g bodies. More concerned about income than enjoying a game of bowls! Michael Pointon

  • As the tier system is likely to be until April (start of the bowling season) and Kirklees in danger of tier 3 it's not looking good at the moment. C Bartaby

  • For what we pay to be members of clubs and associations I think we should pay just to make sure the clubs and associations are available when we need them whether start bowling in April or not. Crown green bowling clubs are excellent value for money when you look at what you have to pay for other sports. Allen Chapman

  • A number of bowlers may have found alternative pastimes during the pandemic and may not come back to bowling so we need to keep fees to a minimum but no more than 50% to these bodies. Mike Thornton

  • These comments apply to all bowling organisations and so include the BCGBA, YCCGBA, Leagues and individual Bowling Clubs. I believe, that as a principle, these organisations should acknowledge that fees were paid in good faith for this year but services were not received because of COVID and so their starting point should be to aim to carry forward this year's fees to next year, as the Ladies League has done. We should be provided with TRANSPARENT FINANCIAL INFORMATION which as a minimum, should include- Estimated surplus ( or loss ) this year, Actual surplus ( or loss) last year, Estimated balances at the end of this year and Estimated surplus (or loss ) next year. This would then allow us to form a balanced view on whether this year's fees can be carried forward in full, or in part to next year. For illustrative purposes, if the organisation made a bigger profit this year than last year then I’d expect the increase to be used to offset next years fees. Also, if the organisation had very substantial estimated balances at the end of this year then the decision to carry forward this year's fees to next year should be an easy decision. This may apply to the BCGBA which has large balances which I understand just increase every year!! Where the above minimum financial information is not provided then I believe we should ask for it so that we can judge if there is a real intention to try to carry forward this year's fees to next year. Perhaps, a League or Leagues, if not provided with this financial information should join together to demand it. Hope this makes sense to bowlers. Philip Walker

Tomorrow I will post any further comments received along with an insight into how the voting is going so far.

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