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Pie 'n' Peas for 74 please

Updated: Dec 24, 2022

Winter League

I've lived in many different parts of the country. North and South, East but not West but only in Yorkshire have I found that Pie 'n' Peas means Pork Pie 'n' Peas. I love pork pie but only with brown sauce or a home-made chutney not with mint sauce and mushy peas. Pie 'n' Peas means to me a Steak Pie or Minced Beef Pie, certainly never Pork Pie. Fortunately Netherton Con were offering a choice in their 'Pie 'n' Peas freebie Christmas Lunch to 74 bowlers and spectators after Thursday's last Division 5 matches before Christmas.

Bar sales flourished, pies of all denominations went down really well with the accompanying mushy peas and assorted sauces and the raffle was drawn to intense interest and much hilarity. An excellent way to celebrate the first 9 weeks of winter bowling at Netherton Con. Thank you to the host club for an excellent gesture much appreciated by the jolly gathering. What a feast we had with mince pies to finish off the celebrations but no pork pie for me.

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Thanks to everyone who came and made it a brilliant afternoon


Martin Holt
Martin Holt
Dec 23, 2022

Well done to Netherton

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