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Parking complaint at Milnsbridge

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

Winter League

We have been asked to inform all Winter League bowlers about a complaint lodged by residents about poor parking at Milnsbridge on Wednesdays.

Despite a notice asking car owners not to park on the side of Bowling Street as the club

on Wednesdays some bowlers are ignoring the sign. We have had an official complaint from several local residents asking us to refrain from this inappropriate parking. Neither an ambulance or fire tender could get through in an emergency.

If this persists some of the residents of Bowling Street and Craven Street will apply to Kirklees for a residents-only parking zone. Obviously, we do not want to upset our close neighbours or for this to happen as it will impact on the club. We could finish up with a situation like Springwood if they are granted the permits.

Please could all car owners when visiting Milnsbridge only park on the opposite side of the road than the club. We know our car park is limited but bowlers must be prepared to walk a little if the car park is full.

Thank you

Jim Baxter, President, Milnsbridge BC

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