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Parking at Springwood

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

Winter League

The Division 2 fixture programme gets off the ground this week with a full round of matches to be played at Springwood. Last year a car parking system was introduced there that worked well but with only 6 teams playing and no spectators allowed it restricted the numbers attending. That has changed this year with 8 teams playing each week, spectators allowed and the host club's catering and admin teams to fit in as well. With around 18 parking places available onsite, considerate parking is essential if the available space is to be maximised.

That being the case all teams are being urged to car-share to reduce the congestion. Springwood will be trying out a first-come-first-served system to see if that works before considering introducing anything more restrictive.

There is no nearby on-street parking as the area is a resident's parking permit zone which is monitored by traffic wardens. The nearest public parking is opposite the Leisure Centre and then a 5-minute stroll up the road.

A preview of the opening day of the Division 2 fixture programme will be online tomorrow.

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I think I will use the bus with my FREE travel pass and walk up from the bus station, 10 minutes tops and it can act as my warm up.

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