Paddock escape again

Veterans League

It looks increasingly likely that Paddock I&C will escape any further action being taken against them for submitting an incorrect result for their final Veterans League match of the season.

That result named a bowler who never bowled in the match and in fact had not bowled for them all season and hid the fact that an ineligible bowler did actually play that game. That smacks of a deliberate ploy to hide the real bowler's name. The match result had been recorded as a 7-0 home win for Paddock who, as a result, escaped relegation from Section 1 of the 6-Man League by a better aggregate score than Longwood. That sent Longwood down to Section 2.

Three days later Paddock's opponents in that match, Oakfield T&BC, declined to verify the result on Bowlsnet as it included the name of a Paddock bowler who hadn't played in the match. Paddock were quite happy for the incorrect result to sit on the system saving them from relegation. When confronted they eventually acknowledged this 'error' but failed to provide a satisfactory explanation as to how it had occurred and then refused to cooperate with the League in identifying the club individual who had submitted the wrong bowler's name on the Bowlsnet system. Link to the first report of this episode

The wrong bowler's name has now been deleted by the League and the game now recorded as a 21-0 walkover win for Oakfield making the match score 6-1 to Paddock. That dropped point meant that Paddock are now one point behind Longwood in the final league table and are therefore relegated. The Veterans League Management Committee apparently think that this is sufficient punishment and no furtrher action has been proposed. In fact, this is no punishment at all as this is just correcting what had already happened had the correct result been input the first time.

Paddock has not contested the fact that they submitted a false result and subsequently allowed the result to stand to avoid relegation and then hampering the League's investigation into what had actually happened. It now seems that the Management Committee is not prepared to take any further action for this wrong submission by Paddock, nor has any explanation or apology been forthcoming from the club. Shameful behavior on all fronts.

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