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Paddock recaptured!

Veterans League News

Earlier in the week we reported on Paddock I&C's 7-0 win over Oakfield T&BC which contributed to their unlikely survival in Section A of the 6-Man League. We headlined that as 'The Great Escape'. That win drew them level with Longwood in the second relegation place and above them in the final league table due to a better 'Aggregate For' total and so avoiding relegation.

Now all was not as first seen as investigations were started following an allegation of an irregularity in this match.

It transpires that Paddock played an ineligible bowler in one of the singles games who won his game 21-14. It is believed that the Paddock bowler involved only played to give the opposition player a game agreeing that his score wouldn't count towards the match result. However, the result was then submitted on to Bowlsnet by Paddock, including the score from the game in question, and a false name was input for that game using the name of another club member who was eligible to play but was not present on the day.

For the record, the names of both bowlers involved are known to us and one of them has confirmed in writing the situation as described above. The indication being that this was a deliberate attempt to submit a false record rather than a genuine error with the result sat on the system for 3 days without correction until challenged by someone not from the Paddock club.

The false record on Bowlsnet has now been amended by the League to record a 0-21 scoreline against Paddock for that game. They therefore still won the match but by a 6-1 scoreline, not 7-0. That change meant that they finished second bottom and are in a relegation place. Whilst the action already taken corrects the playing record and rectifies the relegation issue it is unlikely that we have heard the last of this outcome as it is now to be referred to the League's Management Committee. The Great Escape that never was!

The BEFORE and AFTER league tables are shown below.

BEFORE the 7-0 win to Paddock I&C had been challenged

AFTER the match record has been amended to a 6-1 win for Paddock I&C

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