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Updated: Feb 20

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The Bowlsnet Developer Steve Blaymire continues to work on the system to enhance and introduce new functionality with the latest release of the system going live on 16 February.

Bowlsnet is the computer system that over 200 crown green bowling leagues use to collect their match results and turn them into a feature-rich record of tables, averages as well as all their team and individual knock-out systems.

There were some problems with the uplift of the new version which resulted in any results input after the upgrade had to be reinput. This included our Wednesday matches having to be re-input so thank you to our teams for doing that. All part of the fun of using computerised systems.

Many of the changes in the latest version only affect the Admin functions which each League controls. There are some changes involving the player registrations side of the system as explained in the Help section on the system and copied below.

Players Registration & Eligibility

The Reg. menu button has been replaced with the new Players menu button. It allows for full viewing and maintenance of registrations, eligibility and starred players:

  • Each display has a new help panel on the right-hand side, explaining what is available.

  • Registrations have been simplified, with better support on mobile devices.

  • The ADMIN function (import/export) are now accessed via the drop-down menu.

  • Eligibility can now be performed manually by the league administrator. Either overriding automatic eligibility when necessary, or completely manually.

In the main little has changed to the main sections but when you do come across something different have a look at it and try things out, you can't break anything. If you get stuck at any time then drop me a line and I will do my best to help you.

Alternatively, you can look through the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) I have assembled over time and these are readily available on this website here. This section currently covers the following topics to help you make best use of the wealth of information that is collected about your and your team's records over the years.

1. How do I access Bowlsnet?

2. Do I need a password to access Bowlsnet?

3. Can I look at averages, results and tables for previous seasons?

4. I play in four leagues who all use Bowlsnet. Is there a quick way of accessing all four leagues?

5. Can I use Bowlsnet on my smartphone and tablet?

6. Can I view Singles and Pairs results separately and Combined?

7. What does the orange shading on match results signify?

8. How can a bowler's record show Played 20 Won 9 Lost 10? It doesn't add up.

9. Can I make the text bigger?

There is also guidance on how to compile your individual record on the system which is updated every time you play a match in any League. Scroll down from the FAQ section to the Bowlsnet Masterclass and follow the step-by-step guide. You can only see the full potential of such functionality once you have played a few matches this season but it is worth the wait.

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