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New points system for Winter League?

Winter League

The HuddWeb WhatsApp Group has been discussing potential new scoring systems for the Winter League to consider. The League's Management Committee have already agreed to review the current scoring system in advance of next season. This doesn't mean that it is going to change. It is up for discussion and members of the WhatsApp Group were invited to voice their opinions on a change and the systems that might be considered. You too can join in future discussions on any bowling topic that you care to raise. All you need to do is drop me an email with your phone number which I will then use to add your name to the WhatsApp Group.

The record of this latest discussion is listed in its entirety below.

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If the present system isn't broken why try to fix it?


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I'd prefer the 'total aggregate for' to be the scoring system. In my opinion its the simplest one. However the Heckmondwike and Hove Edge system has it's merits too. I think both the above gives the losing or poorer players more incentive to keep going and trying to get more points for their team without penalising the winner.

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That’s the whole

Point of the aggregate, and you Are penalizing winners by not giving them points for winning, surely?


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Posting on behalf of Malcolm Slack

Leave the scoring system as it is, play to win by as many as possible.

Keep it simple. The saying it's not the winning it's the taking part, rubbish it's all about the winning.


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I would vote for the Heckmondwike system / ellend league

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