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New host green for Winter League

Winter League

With the continuing interest from teams for joining the Winter League the demand for a 6th host green has been growing and that need has been addressed with Huddersfield Rugby Club coming forward to offer their facilities. The preferred playing day of the week for the new host club is Thursday so any team applying to join the League is likely to be playing at Lockwood Park every Thursday from October to mid-February.

With ample free parking, a good playing surface, wet weather cover on three sides of the green, a catering team poised to add substance to match days it all adds up to a match in heaven. Spectators can even watch all the action whilst remaining in their cars. With three new teams already coming forward to join the League for an October start and over two months to the closing date for new teams it all looks good for the infrastructure to be able to match the demand.

The working assumption is that there will be a further eight teams joining the League for the new season and already three teams have come forward to apply to join. They are Outlane, Broad Oak and Thorpe Green D which will take the total number of teams to 43. Should the total applications pass the 5 new teams marker then the new host green at Lockwood Park comes into play.

The closing date for new team applications for the new season is Monday 3 July 2023. You can learn more about what winter bowling is all about by reading our Ultimate Guide to Winter Bowling.

In brief:

  • teams are made up of 4 bowlers who can be of any gender

  • matches are played of 2 Singles and 1 Pairs games

  • bowlers must have passed their 60th birthday to qualify to bowl

  • you don't use your own green in the League as each division is allocated a host green that they play on all season

  • teams play on the same day of the week throughout the season

  • all matches have an 11.30am start time

  • matches are played from October to mid-February

  • there is a two-week break over the Christmas period

  • League fees are £15 per team per season

  • weekly match fees are £10 a team (£2.50 per bowler) which all goes to the host green which covers green fees, raffle ticket, hot drinks and biscuits.

  • hot drinks and hot and cold food are always available for spectators at a modest charge.

Further details are available from the League Secretary, Jeff Jacklin, by phone (07968 171 197) or by email to

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