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Name the Team, Bowlers & Year answers


I am grateful to Paul Rushworth (left front row) for providing this teaser for you all to have a go at naming the Team, Bowlers and Year of the photograph below.

The best two efforts received came from Bill Blackburn (7/12) and Alan Brown (6/12). Nobody got the year right but both Bill and Alan correctly named the team. Scroll down for all the answers.

THE ANSWERS: The team was the Holset Works League side and the year was 1992. It was the year that they won the Division 1 title and Silver Rose Bowl for the third consecutive year which had never been done before. The club also collected the Division 2 title with their B team of which Paul Rushworth was captain.


1 - Ian (Jack) Burgin 2 - Steve Kenworthy 3 - Harry Pennington 4 - Bryan Reynolds 5 - Paul Marshall 6 - Ronnie Manning 7 - Geoff Wilson 8 - John Ainley 9 - Paul Rushworth 10 - Mick McClusky 11 - Frank Greenwood 12 - Malcolm Berry

Another team-teaser coming shortly.

Use this form to send me your team photos and your own 'Name the Bowlers Challenge.'

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