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Name The Green No.7

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Bowling News

The answer to Name The Green No.6 is New Mill and it was no problem to you all as not one wrong answer was received. Thirty-four correct answers including our one remaining 100% Club member Jeff Smith of Meltham.

That leaves the running order below of the main contenders to the honour (no prizes) of being named Name The Club Champion 2020. It is probably the only bowling title to be won this year - a great accolade indeed. No.6 New Mill

So that leaves the leading contenders in the competition-without-a-prize looking like this:

6 Jeff Smith

5 Peter Swinden

4 David Sykes, Malcolm Gilbert, Tim Poulter, Andrew Carter, David Catherine, Mike Pointon, Mike Thornton

3 Alan Brown, Alan Fawcett, Bob Haigh, Jeff Mellor, Margaret Whitwam, T H Umpeg

The competition runs on alternate days right through December. You can submit your best guess if you like and then you are into the unofficial count for which there is absolutely no prize whatsoever other than the smug satisfaction of getting more right than anyone else. Alternatively just play along for your own amusement.

Name The Green No. 7 is below. Complete the form to submit your answer.

The answer to No.7 and Name The Green No.8 will be online on Tuesday.

Name The Green No.7


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