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Name the Green No.5 is really difficult


The answer to Name the Green No.4 is Bradley & Colne with the motor dealer's property on Leeds Road prominently featured in the photograph.

Seventeen correct answers to this one from Philip Peel, Jim Baxter, Lynn Carter, David Catherine, Dennis Machen, Sue Hallas, John Hodgson, Adrian Fish, Garry Armitage, Tim Poulter, Paul Rangeley, Karen Rausse, Stuart Greaves, Ken Baxter, Bill Blackburn, Jeff Mellor and David Sykes.

A real challenge with Name the Green No.5 and it may be a little unfair as most of the work included in this recent photo was only completed after the end of the 2023 season. However life isn't always fair and I feel the need to up the pressure on those know-alls that are getting every challenge correct. Let's see how they get on with this one.

Actually this is not a photograph of a green but of the surrounding area so making this really difficult. The one clue you might be able to derive from the scant information available to you is to take note of the gateway to the right in the photograph. There I've given you a clue, must be going soft in my old age.

Email your best guess to Please don't leave the answer anywhere else as that can spoil the fun for later visitors. I don't expect to get many correct answers to this one but I will note all the regular responders that don't at least have a guess.

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