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'Name The Green 2022'

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

Bowling Quiz

Time for another round of 'Name The Green' challenges as we put up three satellite images every day Monday to Thursday this week for you to identify. The answers to all 12 will be added to the site on Friday. No prizes, just for fun but if you want to email me at your best guesses any day then I will happily let you know how many you have got correct.

I listened when you told me that the last batch of satellite images was too difficult and so I have extended the land around each of the images considerably more to give you more chance of identifying each of the greens. Tell me if I still haven't got the balance right but I am unlikely to make them even easier. I still reserve the right to add black patches to the images to block out any Google added text which would make some of them even easier.

Another three images for you to Name The Green from will be online tomorrow as well as on Wednesday and Thursday with all 12 answers revealed on Friday. Have fun.




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Yippee Jeff, I got one (picture 3) and not because of the green but because I married a girl who lived on South View Terrace.

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