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Name the Foreign Green 1

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

Another quiz for you all. A series of mini-quizzes actually where I challenge you to identify three bowling greens. None of them are in Huddersfield but all are within 15miles of the Town Centre. These are full-blown photographs of greens, not obscure parts of them. Should be 'egg and milk' to those bowlers that play in neighbouring leagues but then again maybe not.

Let's see how you go then with this first set of three which is below. If you fancy your chances of naming any of them then use the form to submit your best guesses. One point for each green correctly identified. I'll keep a running total of the best scores but this is just for fun, no prizes. Closing date is Wednesday and the answers along with 'Name the Foreign Green 2' will be online on Thursday.


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