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MUGS Trophy 48 entries

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There are 48 entries for the Jack Burgin Trophy which starts tonight at Lockwood Con at 6.30pm. Twenty-two of the entries are involved in the first Qualifying Round with the remaining 26 are lined up for next Friday (17 May). Finals Day is Sunday 26 May starting at 2.00pm again at Lockwood Con.

This competition is open to any local bowler who has never won an open KO competition. So immediately they win this one they are not allowed to defend the title the following year as they are no longer eligible to play in it.

Jack Burgin Trophy (MUGS)

Kindly sponsored and hosted by

Lockwood Con

List of runners - Drawn on the night

Friday 10th May - 6.30pm Start

1 Ashton Ainley-Wood

2 Barry Tinker (P)

3 Callum Fox

4 Chris Walker

5 Colin Noble*

6 Stewart Smart

7 Craig Wood

8 Damien Jones

9 Daniel Duce

10 Daniel Piercy

11 Darren Slattery*

12 Elliott Heap

13Graham Stocks*

14 Graham Woodruff

15 Jack Allen

16 Michael Higgins Snr

17 Skye Turner*

18 Steven Mitchell

19 Thomas Mozley

20 Trevor Atkinson

21 James Haley*

22 David Stocks*

Friday 17th May - 6.30pm Start

1 Alan Leonard

2 Ben Fisher

3 Bradley Ramsden

4 Cameron Duffy

5 Cameron Ghaffer

6 Chris Gamble

7 David Lunn (P)

8 Dennis Hufton

9 Gareth Metcalf

10 Harrison Messenger

11 Jason Knowles

12 John Gant

13 Jordan Ramsden

14 Kyle Spencer-Halsall

15 Mark Berry (P)

16 Martin Peacock

17 Mathew Whitehead

18 Mick Shore*

19 Peter Thornton

20 Conor McGowan

21 Terence Fletcher

22 Gary Ashwell

23 Jason Shaw

24 Dean Shaw

25 Courtney Allert

26 Richard Walsh

*denotes members of Lockwood playing off -handicap

Finals Day: Sunday 26 May starting at 2.00pm at Lockwood Con.

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