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Milnsbridge 4 complete Winter Cup Last 20 line-up

Winter League

The final Qualifying Round of the 2023 Winter Cup competition was completed at Milnsbridge on Wednesday with the final four qualifiers progressing through to the Last 20 KO to be played at Springwood on Wednesday 12 April. That delay being caused by the league season slipping back after losing some fixtures to frozen greens and the need to release greens back to the greenkeepers for 6-weeks of work prior to the summer season starting.

The qualifying day started great with blue skies and bright sunshine as the first four jacks went on to the green. It had deteriorated to cloudy for the second four jacks and then when the final four jacks played it started to rain. Despite the variable weather, the bowling was mainly good and we completed all rounds within 3 hours.

Interestingly there is a 'home' bowler coming from four of the qualifying greens with the only exception being in Division 1 where Milnsbridge don't have a team in that division so no home bowlers possible from there.

The full list of 20 qualifiers that progress to the Round of the Last 20 is:

Division 1 (Milnsbridge) Qualifiers

Ian Briggs (Thorpe Green A)

Tim Poulter (Clayton West)

Lorraine Hirst (New Millers)

Edwin Haigh (Clayton West)

Division 2 (Springwood) Qualifiers

Jim Baxter (Milnsbridge A) Mick Chapman (Lowerhouses A) Stuart Greaves (Jackson Bridge) Colin Hampshaw (Springwood A)

Division 3 (Thorpe Green) Qualifiers

Michael Bell (Brockholes A) Elaine Bell (Brockholes A) Margaret Pointon (Hudd.Rec.Club A) Nigel Kaine (Thorpe Green B)

Division 4 (Lindley Lib) Qualifiers

Ray Clayton (Netherton Con A) Peter Laycock (Marsh Lib) John Sunter (Hudd.Rec.Club B) Paul Cooney (Lindley Lib B)

Division 5 (Netherton Con) Qualifiers

Jim Nolan (Netherton Con B) John Madden (Almondbury BC B) Graham Parr (Milnsbridge C) Graham Sykes (Milnsbridge C)

All twenty names will go into the hat at the Management Committee next Thursday when the draw will be made for the opening two rounds of competition at the Last 20 stage to be played at Springwood on 12 April.

This line-up shows most of the qualifiers lined up before a jack was bowled in anger.

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