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Merry Christmas

Its been a terrible year for our sport but if you are reading this then at least you are still with us, not everyone is. As they say 'growing old is not a privilege granted to everyone'. Looking on the positive side and despite the threat of stronger preventative measures of Tier 4 status being introduced we can look forward with some assurance that the new vaccines will eventually see off this threat and allow us to return to normality ready for the 2021 summer season. Until then Stay Safe and look after others around you.

The website will carry updates Christmas Day and Boxing Day with photographs of the last day of bowling in 2020 at Milnsbridge and Name The Green No.13. On Boxing Day we will be starting a Survey of bowlers to gather their impressions about bowling in the Winter League. We hope that you will join in the survey whether you be a Winter League bowler or not as we are hoping to find out what changes we need to make to entice more teams and bowlers to the competition in 2021.

The records show me that we get a number of overseas visitors to the website with it being especially popular in Portugal, France and Spain.



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Dec 24, 2020

Thanks and hope all the readers and contributors of this website and all bowlers and families have as merry a Christmas as possible in these difficult times even if we don’t see family and friends.

I hope next year will be a better year and we all get our vaccinations as soon as possible and look forward to meeting up with bowlers in a competition environment next year.

Philip of Lindley

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