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Memories: Veterans Rose Bowl 2004

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I know that many of you like to look back occasionally and be reminded of greens you have bowled on that are no longer around, to view teams and bowlers you have played with and against and recall some of the competitions that you have competed in over the years.

Well over the coming weeks I will be delving into some of the photos and press cuttings that I have collected over the last 7 years and hope that some of these trigger some memories for some of you. I will try and get a mix of time lags to involve as many bowlers as possible starting with this one from 17 years ago of the finalists in the Veterans League Examiner Rose Bowl Finals Day.

What the caption below the photo doesn't tell you is that Frank Greenwood was the 2004 winner taking the title for a second consecutive year. Interestingly not many of these bowlers would be allowed on the green if they were contesting a competition final nowadays. The dress code has stopped things liked collar-less shirts and non-black trousers from being worn and anyone who insisted would be excluded from the competition.

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