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Lowerhouses are the Division 2 Champions

Updated: Feb 12, 2023

Winter League

Review of the Division 2 matches played on Wednesday 8 February

Lowerhouses 'A' are the Division 2 Champions and Dave Stocks of Lockwood Con has lifted the Top Bowler award.

Winter League Chairman, Mike Ralph, presents the Division 2 Champions Founders Plate to Lowerhouses' captain Graham Beeby at Springwood on Wednesday.

Lowerhouses have lifted the Division 2 title after a last day scare as Lindley BC 'B' closed in on their start of the day 6-point lead,

After not winning any of their four matches in 2023 which saw their 10-point lead disappear, Lindley BC welcomed the return of the top two bowlers in the averages from their break in Australia and returned to winning ways. A 6-2 win over relegated Rastrick 'A' pulled the leaders into range, but not near enough to rest the title from them.

Lowerhouses claimed two points from their match against Springwood 'A' which was just sufficient to take them to the title and an immediate return to Division 1 after last season's relegation. Lindley BC 'B' collected 6 points from their final match which secured their promotion to Division 1 where they will take the place of the club's 'A' team for next season.

Denby Dale drew 4-4 with Jackson Bridge to quell any thoughts of a last day reprieve for Jackson Bridge who will now join Rastrick 'A' in Division 3 next season. That win for Denby Dale saw them leap into fourth place, their highest position of the season. Milnsbridge 'A'

The Top Bowler award of the Lily Rose Trophy was presented by Mike Ralph to Dave Stocks of Lockwood Con who won 13 of his 14 pairs matches over the course of the season to be a clear winner.

Dave was the only division winner to play all his matches in pairs and if his partner, Dave Cooling, had been available for all 14 matches then we don't know how we would have shared out the trophy.


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