Lindley teams Hutchinson Cup Match draw in Pudsey

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Eric Hutchinson Cup Round 1 Lindley Lib 217-217 Lindley BC

It is a long way to go for a local derby cup-tie as the Huddersfield League teams of the two Lindley clubs travelled to the Littlemoor club at Pudsey for their Hutchinson Cup meeting but what a classic the two teams served up last Saturday. I am grateful to Martin Holt for this match report and the full scorecard below.

The Lindley Libs v Lindley BC Hutchinson Cup game was played on Saturday at an extremely tricky Pudsey Littlemoor green. After the 1st 4 blocks the bowling club had a 4 point lead mainly due to having a 21-08 winner. Their lead was reduced to 2 after 8 blocks despite having 3 out of 4 winners in this segment. Libs carding a 21-08 win. Onto the last 4 with the game nicely poised. Both teams had 2 winners each but with the bowling club having the last player 19-13 up it was looking sick for the Libs. A stirring fightback by their man ended up with him reaching 18 before the opponent reached 21.

Now for the drama as the match was tied 217-217. Nobody knew the ruling for situations like this. After a couple of phone calls to YCGBA it was sorted out in this order :-

Winning aggregate score = draw (217-217)

Most winners= draw 6 each

Best winner = draw 2 x 21-08 winners

and finally, the next best winning score went the Liberal Club's way 21-12.

I'm always grateful for any interesting match reports - recent or from your memory. Send them to and I will be pleased to share them with all our readers.

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