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Lindley BC showcase their green

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Lindley BC greenkeeper, Mike Thornton, provided the three photographs and a comprehensive report on work already undertaken and plans for the next few weeks.

Lindley BC  green is coming on well after a very wet winter and as a result of all the rain there is a bit more moss than usual. The green has been sprayed with iron just over two weeks ago and the moss is now starting to go black indicating that the iron treatment has had the desired effect, To assist in removing the moss work will be carried out in the form of a double Verti-cut within few days when the green is a little drier.

Also this week the green will be solid tined to assist in getting air to the grass root system and to help in improving drainage. All being well and weather permitting we are planning on opening the green for the Easter weekend. 

Work has also started on improving the floodlights around the green, as most people in the bowling fraternity will know that we only had three corners with halogen lights on tall posts and two further lights attached to the conservatory for the fourth corner. A new fourth tall pole has now been installed in front of the bungalow and all the old halogen lights on all the other three poles are being removed and are being replaced with the most up to date LED lighting that will make you feel as if you are bowling in daylight. 

Is your club green looking good right now? Have you undertaken some major work programme over the close season? How did it all go and have you more plans for the green and surrounds before the new season starts? Tell us all about it and we will share it with the local bowling community. Bowlers are always interested in projects and any developments on all local greens.

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